Liliana was born in Porto, Portugal.

In young age she attended a workshop about self-makeup, promoted by Yves Saint Laurent.

In 2004 She finally took her first course of professional makeup artist.

Liliana learned her techniques at London´s renowned makeup school, and kept on personalizing her craft and skills, creating her unique approach to make-up: versatile, creative, flawless, and always evolving, through teamwork and flowing inspiration.

From the most minimal look to a complete artistic interpretation, who understands the entire spectrum of beauty, art and fashion. Her technical eye for color, texture and details draws her style, her inspirations in her passion of beauty.

In 2011 she trained at renowned cosmetics brand MAC in Toronto and in 2015 with famous makeup artist Val Garland.

Client list: VOGUE PT, VOGUE UA, ELLE PT, Condé Nast Travel Spain, Cosmopolitan, LuxWoman, Toyota, Phillips, Fitness, Orange, Bulmers, Bohenia, Unibet, Danacol, Credibom, C&A, Pearle, Cheerios, Mitsubishi, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, Havas worldwide, BBDO, Adam&Eve DDB, ELLE MAN, Samsung, MATCHESFASHION, LAB Pal Zileri, MAYBELLINE, HUAWEI, Tuborg, KFC, Powerade, Renaut, LG, Ford, Gilette, Mercedes, Bud Light, H&M, Bentley, Grey Goose, Audi, Volkswagen, Canon, Nikon, NIKE…

Film directors: Morten Tyldum, Magnus Marten, Dean Freeman, David Edwards, Giaocchino Petronicce, Xavier Giannoli, John Hayes, Henry Littlechild, Joshua Neale, Michael Sewandono, Daniel Eskils, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Xavier de Choudens, NEZ, Vincent Haycock, Chris Balmond, Paul Gore, Ian Pons Jewell, Tim Keul, Ali ALI, We Are From LA, The Sacred Egg, Fred Scott, Henry-Alex Rubin, Chris Sargent, Frederik Bond, Daniel Wolfe…

Photography & DOP: Axel Filip Lindhal, Jens Ramborg, Anders Flatland, Steven Annis, Frederico Martins, Mário Príncipe, Martial Schemeltz, Yorick Le Saux, James Mather, Franz Lustig, Theo Garland, Sebastian Pfaffenbichler, Thomas Giddings, Nico Poulsson, Anders Nydam, Ilaria Orsini, Thomas Bremond, Paul Scala, Alan Gelati, Steffen Jahn, Mathieu Plainfosse, Christian Weber, Laurence Ellis, Monika Lenczewska, David Daub, Cornelia Wahlberg, Petrovsky & Ramone, Bob Richardson, Christopher Anderson…

Currently working in Lisbon, London, Paris and Toronto.